Want to be a Tutor?

TSTN always welcomes applications from qualified candidates wishing to join the Network as tutors. We will consider all applications, but applications under the following conditions are preferred:

  1. The applicant already has an undergraduate degree, or is in their 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate studies. 

  2. The applicant is either working towards a graduate degree or Ph.D., or is a recent graduate of an accredited post-secondary institution (graduated two years ago or less). 

  3. The applicant is a certified teacher who has obtained his or her certification within the last two years.

  4. The applicant is a new immigrant who possesses a university degree from his or her country of origin.

TSTN is especially interested in applicants with previous teaching or tutoring experience. Access to a vehicle is also an asset, but is not required.

For more info contact administration at:
416-855-9651or 416-990-7506

or email us by clicking here

Tutor Application