Tutoring Throughout The Greater Toronto Area Tailored To Each Student’s Needs

Whether you’re a student yourself, or the parent of a student, you’ve probably had a complaint about the education that either you or your child is receiving in school.  Recently, for example, the high schools of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the largest school board in the Greater Toronto Area, were ranked the lowest in the GTA according to a report published by the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute, an independent think-tank.  The study is based on results from standardized testing done throughout the province of Ontario.  You can view the reports for both elementary and secondary schools in Ontario at http://www.compareschoolrankings.org/.

tailoredOne of the biggest problems with education is that it’s often based on a one-size-fits-all model, especially in the public system where schools must meet the challenges of a wide range of students from a multitude of different backgrounds.  It’s just impossible for any public school to meet the individual needs of each student, especially if a student has special needs or suffers from some other disadvantage that makes it more difficult for him or her to learn.  Fortunately, it is possible for us.

At The Student Tutoring Network, we specialize in meeting the individual needs of each student.  Our large network of tutors allows us to provide tutoring services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  We also provide tutoring services at all levels from elementary school right on to university.  So whether you’re the parent of a grade 7 student in York Region who needs help with their French, or a student studying at U of T’s downtown Toronto campus who wants help with an engineering course, TSTN will be there to help!

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Us and let us provide the individualized attention that the education system can’t.