Textbooks for Change

textbooksforchangeIf you’re a student attending university, you know how incredibly expensive textbooks can be. As if paying university tuition and living expenses isn’t enough, you also have to shell out what could add up to hundreds of dollars for textbooks that are required for your courses. But if you think textbooks cost too much here in Canada, imagine what they must cost for people in developing countries.

Indeed, university students in Africa have a lot more trouble accessing learning material than their counterparts in North America. And how is anyone supposed to learn without the appropriate materials to teach them? This is the problem that Chris Janssen came across firsthand when he travelled to a university in Rwanda to teach business. His experience led him and his partners to create Textbooks for Change.

In 2014, Textbooks for Change began collecting used textbooks donated by students and sustainably redistributing them. Half of the books end up in the hands of students in need in Canada and at East African universities. The other half are either recycled or sold online at a cheaper price than virtually any other retailer.

As a company that is also focused on providing academic support to students, The Student Tutoring Network is proud to support Textbooks for Change and its mission to provide quality learning materials to students in Canada and East Africa who really need them. For more information on Textbooks for Change, please visit http://textbooksforchange.ca/ and help change the world one book at a time.