Testimonials from Current and Former Tutors

I first heard about TSTN while looking for work in the city upon first moving here; I checked out a bunch of other tutoring agencies, but this one just seemed right for me! The founder, Jason Shvili, was a really nice and down-to-earth guy, and I knew he’d be able to get me some great early teaching/tutoring experience which will be incredibly helpful in landing a teaching job after I’m out of school. I ended up working with the Anishnawbe Health Centre as a humanities tutor for a group of really great kids throughout the school year – I made some really valuable connections, and had a lot of fun doing what I really love! I was able to find great work – something really difficult when you’ve got a school schedule like mine – and meet and work with a lot of fantastic people!
Liane H., former tutor

I would say that working with TSTN since 2013 has helped me from a financial point of view. It helped me gain more income. Being part of TSTN has also provided me the chance to help students while familiarizing myself with the Ontario curriculum. It is my pleasure to work with TSTN and I look forward to continuing my work with the company.
Bahman K., former tutor

I joined TSTN after graduating from teacher’s college. I signed up at the beginning of the academic year and received requests for new and repeat clients throughout the school year. Jason makes sure to collect specific information regarding the individual wants and needs of each student and their families and ensures that the details are passed on to tutors before the first session. As a newly qualified teacher, I appreciated the chance to gain experience working on the specific needs of individual students as a way to gain insight into issues faced by students regarding my teachable subjects. Tutoring with a well-organized company run by someone who obviously cares about garnering good relationships with both clients and tutors has been a financially rewarding way to start my teaching career.
Ryan W., former tutor

Tutoring for TSTN has been a great addition to my PhD work. I love teaching, and I have
appreciated the opportunities I’ve had to offer both high school and post-secondary students my
expertise to develop skills in writing, critical reading, and research. The one-on-one format allows me to help the student create a plan that reflects their personal learning style.
Judith M., former tutor

Working with TSTN has been a positive experience. Helping students grow and learn is rewarding and enjoyable. Being part of a network that finds clients for you is helpful, and TSTN responsibly manages tutors with professionalism.
Jessica I., former tutor

Working with TSTN has been an incredible way to continue developing my teaching abilities and all that it entails – patience, creativity, understanding, and a strong knowledge base. It has also been a rewarding experience in connecting me with students at different levels of education (high school and Masters) and thus gaining skills in how to approach teaching structured subjects (chemistry, physics, bio) as well as concept-based subjects (research plan, methodology, statistical analysis). TSTN’s graded level for tutor income also allows for long-term connections with clients.
Ranjana B., former tutor

I met Jason Shvili, the owner and Network Administrator of TSTN when I was a graduate student at a local university. I was living in the city and finding it difficult to make ends meet, despite having a Teaching Assistantship and living with a roommate. Working for TSTN has been both financially and professionally beneficial. Financially it provided a peace of mind when at the end of the month I was able to add a bit more to my responsibilities of paying off my student debt. Professionally it provided a work environment that was much more collaborative and team-oriented. As an example, I have been asked on a number of occasions to submit feedback and have been privy to seeing how it benefited the student clients and tutors. The philosophy at TSTN is to support the learning needs and goals of students and the professional development of the tutors to provide excellent services.
Anna N., former tutor

I was lucky to be hired as a tutor at TSTN in the spring of 2009. I tutored various Economics-related subjects and some German language. It was a time when the economy in Canada was very slow, due to the large financial crash that had happened in the USA in the fall of 2008. Finding work was hard and people had little money to spend. Even so the Network had clients and I was traveling to students’ homes to tutor them, or they would come to my place. I sincerely have to say that without TSTN I could not have paid my bills during that time. I found Jason Shvili to be a fair and dependable network administrator who made a fruitful co-operation among the students and the tutors possible.
Andrea L., former tutor

In 2010 York University accepted me as a part time Research Assistant for the Laboratory of Astronautics and Space Technology Research. Working in research means many unpaid hours a day spent in libraries and on the Internet, then additional hours to design the product, verify the product in the laboratory and write the bilingual (English-French) correspondence with the partners. My work was only part-time and I had to find a second job in the afternoon because I needed to support myself, so I searched on the web and I found The Student Tutoring Network. I started to tutor university students in Calculus and French and high-school students in grade 12 Math, Physics and French. My interaction with students was very good. They made progress and learned a lot, improving their marks, and at the same time I was happy to solve my financial issue.
Elenca G., former tutor

As I worked my way through my M.Ed. degree a few years ago, I really appreciated the opportunity to work with The Student Tutoring Network. The company offered me a flexible and enjoyable way to earn extra income throughout my studies, particularly since TSTN tutors receive the majority share of the fees paid by clients. I continue to be a member of the network today even though I have finished my studies, and I am thankful to be part of such a well-run company. I highly recommend joining TSTN to those looking to earn some extra income as well as meet some great people!
Emily R., former tutor

My work experience with TSTN has been very fulfilling and has contributed positively to my professional development. I have had the pleasure of working with many different individuals to assist them in either learning the basics or refining their skills in international languages. During my university studies, the flexible schedule and income received allowed me to pursue my studies more comfortably on a financial level, while exploring my career of interest. I am honoured to work with Jason Shvili, who is incredibly supportive of my career goals and is very open to professional dialogue regarding programs that would benefit the students’ needs.
Rosanna C., former tutor