Best Tutor Experiences

It was a pleasure meeting Emily.  My son was diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD and anxiety since elementary school.  Over the years he has also struggled with warming to new people/situations.  Emily made it comfortable for him to speak about the issues he’s having in his courses and what he needs help with.  My son and I are impressed with all the strategies she gave him as he has difficulty getting his thoughts down on paper,  it is obvious she is knowledgable dealing with students with exceptionalities.  Over the last few weeks I have seen a tremendous improvement in his writing skills.  Emily has shared her experiences on test taking, which has encouraged Deandre to become a better student.  I am so grateful to TSTN for providing such an exceptional tutor.
Kerry W., parent of high school student

We are very satisfied with the quality of tutoring that The Student Tutoring Network to our two children. The tutors were very focused on the tasks at hand. They understood the strengths and challenges of each child, and designed tutoring strategies that ultimately enabled our kids to flourish and achieve highly coveted results by the end of the school year. Thank you, TSTN!
James and Judy L., parents of junior high and high school students

Jehanzeb, associated with The Student Network, tutored my daughter in the first year of Economics for the Rotman program. Jehanzeb had an in depth understanding of Economics. He took a persistent and clear approach to the more difficult concepts. Jehanzeb covered both the underlying mathematical concepts and the theoretical concepts of Economics. He made sure the student followed up with individual study and additional examples. Jehanzeb is an excellent tutor with an excellent teaching method.
Puica N., parent of undergraduate student

Within the time I have been with TSTN, there has been a significant change to my studies in a good way. The tutoring that I have received has assisted me in excelling my grades within my program. I have been privileged as to have been receiving tutoring from more than one tutor for separate courses. Rachel I. assisted me with my Humanities course in summer school. She brought her wisdom that in turn brought the mindset of me being interested, liking, and actually outshining the score in a grade I even expected to receive. And then Sakina R. also, who was another tutor that came with the same determination as Rachel. Learning from Sakina was one of the best times I have spent in studying for school. All in all, I salute TSTN for the time I have spent as a student within their corridors of assistance.
Michael O., undergraduate student

I have been using TSTN for several years now and had 2 different tutors so far for my daughter. Both Tova and Sara have been exceptionally good and really are very in tune with my daughter’s needs. Having them come to my house is perfect. This arrangement and small setting has worked best. My daughter’s improvement in reading and math is remarkable and I am very grateful for the good service which is provided by TSTN. They are flexible and scheduling is easy.
Conny A., parent of elementary school student

I started with TSTN to improve on my writing skills, but with Jason’s help I was able to improve my overall academic performance. Jason was knowledgeable in areas of political science, anthropology, human rights, international relations, and history, and he kindly shared his own academic experiences on test taking, and class participation, which helped me immensely on how to become a better student. He was generous with his time, truly cared about my success in school, and always made himself available on short notice.
Brian F., undergraduate student

I looked forward to each (Arabic) session with Haneen. As a language teacher myself, I recognize a good teacher when I meet one, and Haneen is very skilled. I would be happy to  recommend her to any prospective students. I also appreciated how flexible she was with our meeting times – as I had a limited period to squeeze our sessions into, we had to meet at various times, mornings, evenings and even weekends. She was good about finding the time to meet with me and was prepared for and professional at each lesson.
Elizabeth W., Arabic language student

“I did not have a lot of confidence in my ability to write essays and tests, however, Anna encouraged and guided me and this increased my confidence. Although I had difficulty in putting my thoughts down on paper, Anna gave me several strategies that were very helpful. It was obvious she was very knowledgeable in tutoring, understanding people, their learning styles and learning disabilities.”
Mary B., graduate student

“Anna was absolutely amazing providing me with the help I needed because she was so knowledgeable in sociology. I was struggling with the writing needed in sociology, and the ability to think in a more sociological way to write up the papers. However, due to her tutoring my writing improved so much and my assignments reflect that. When I would write up a draft of my essay she would give such constrictive and helpful feedback, and always took the time to look at each and every draft of my essays and continued to provide such helpful feedback. And she was always happy and willing to meet to discuss my essays and any feedback in person. Not only that but she helped me to understand how to connect up my ideas and better connect the paragraphs. I was so unbelievable happy and impressed with her level and skills of tutoring. She is such an amazing person, and an even greater tutor. She is the most amazing and skilled tutor.”
Catherine A., undergraduate student

“I can say with complete sincerity that Anna has helped me more than any teacher or tutor I have ever had. She seems genuinely interested in helping me become a better student. I’ve been identified with having a learning disability in regards to written expression since the first grade and since that time many have tried to help me, but still I’ve never been able to write in a way that completely expresses what I mean or shows my true understanding of a topic. This has caused me frustration and embarrassment throughout my entire life and for a time, I gave up on school altogether. Anna was able to help me develop my writing skills to a point where I finally feel like I am able to show my understanding of something through writing. I don’t feel like my writing is going to hold me back anymore, this means a great deal to me.”
Lucas D., undergraduate student

I used the services of TSTN to improve my Portuguese. I had the opportunity to be taught by Fabio. I wanted our meetings to be informal and I think this arrangement functioned well for both of us. We worked around a wide range of subjects covering political, social and economical issues in Brazil. I have much improved my Portuguese skills (my Brazilian colleagues did notice a big amelioration!) along with my knowledge of the country.
Marie G., Portuguese language student

I contacted TSTN in search of a French tutor who could help me improve both my written and oral proficiency. Frenand, with his teaching expertise and great knowledge and fluency of the French language, was able to cater to the level of instruction I needed. He is a terrific teacher who was always able to answer my many questions and would explain often complicated nuances of the language in a way that I would understand. Frenand was willing to come meet me on campus and worked with me on concepts of the language I struggled with. At the end of each session, I felt like I had learned things I might not have ever learned in class and I felt like I was another step closer to becoming fluent in the French language. With his patience and encouragement, I could easily engage in conversation with a newfound confidence, which was one of my greatest weaknesses and concerns prior to our sessions. I am very satisfied with the lessons I received from Frenand.
Alanah I., undergraduate student

I have known Jessica I. for two years now and she is great tutor. I have come to her with many different assignments and she edits them perfectly. She is always ready for the challenge. She has helped me to improve my writing skills and my abilities to edit things by myself. Overall, she is great and I am really happy that I met her.
Melissa P., undergraduate student