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If a tutor is not available in your geographical area, online and telephone tutoring may be possible.  TSTN is always adding new tutors, so please be sure to check our profile pages frequently.
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Gender: Female

Education: BA, History and French, Simon Fraser University (2016)

Teachable Subject(s): English (High School & ESL), French, History, Other Humanities Courses, Indigenous Studies (Focus on Settler Colonialism in North America), Essay Writing

Language(s) Spoken: English, French

Tutors in the Following Area(s): U of T St. George Campus; All of Toronto Where Accessible by TTC Subway Lines

Awards and Distinctions: Summit Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2012-2013); Athletic Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2012-2014); Dr. Gordon L. Diewert Memorial Undergraduate Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2014); Department of French Alliance Francaise Prize, Simon Fraser University (2015); John Stell Sykes Scholarship (2016); Alumni Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2013, 2016); Margaret Ormsby History Prize (2016); Department of History 50th Anniversary Award for Democracy, Simon Fraser University (2016); Open Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2013-2016); President’s Honour Roll, Simon Fraser University (2015, 2016); Dean’s Honour Role, Simon Fraser University (2013-2016); Department of French Scholarship, Simon Fraser University (2017); Simon Fraser University Gold Medal (2017); Stephen McIntyre Memorial Book Prize in History (2017)


Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 3.37.37 PMGender: Female

Education: Diploma, Intermediate and Advanced Pedagogy, Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest, Romania (1990); MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnical University of Bucharest (1991); Certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (2011)

Teachable Subject(s): Mathematics, Physics, Science, French, Calculus (I+II), Mechanics, Strength of Materials , Thermodynamics , Fluid Mechanics , Computer Tools and Applications

Language(s) Spoken: English, French, Romanian

Tutors in the Following Area(s): Bayview Village Library, Bayview Village Chapters (North York)

Awards and Distinctions: Mathematics Award, Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Teaching Excellence Award, Centennial College (2015)


JorgeGender: Male

Education: BA, English, Manuel Ascunce Domenech University, Ciego de Avila, Cuba (2000); MCIS Trilingual Interpreter Certificate (2012); Certified by the Ontario College of Teachers (2012)

Teachable Subject(s): English (ESL), Spanish, French

Language(s) Spoken: English, Spanish, French, German

Tutors in the Following Area(s): Downtown Toronto