The Importance of University Students’ Networking

Networking with individuals while you are still in university helps establish a connection with industry professionals before entering the workforce.

Studying for exams and finishing assignments will always be a student’s number one priority – as it very well should be! However, a question that students should ask themselves is, have I actually applied any of my knowledge to real world situations? How am I going to get from point A to point B? At The Student Tutoring Network, we truly believe that gaining the ability to network is one of the best ways to turn theory into practice and can help smooth the transition into the real world.

When creating your network, we highly recommend that you have a mix of individuals who are students, alumni, industry professionals and your professors. To start your network, there are a number of things you can do as a student. Some examples include joining study groups (like TSTN group sessions), student groups related to your field, networking events and maybe even tutoring sessions with professors and teachers assistant. Each group is surrounded by students with high potential and influential industry professionals that can build your network.

Once you have chatted with different people and collected hundreds of business cards, the next question you ask yourself is, how do I keep in touch with everyone?! One of the best resources that is used across the world is LinkedIn. This is one of the best online platforms that will help you stay in touch with your contacts as well as see what they are up to from a professional standpoint.

Sometimes, it may seem like your effort to network goes unnoticed, but think of it this way: it is not about what they do for you now, but how they can develop a skill set that will help you accomplish your long term goals. Trust us when we say, with hard work comes a GREAT return.

Good luck in your networking adventures.  We look forward to hearing all about it!

Visit these sites to learn more about some great networking opportunities: