Are you an Executive Working Doing Business Internationally? Do You Want to Improve Your Job Prospects? Learning a New Language With TSTN Can Help!

There is no doubt that anybody working in the real world today sees that the Canadian job market is extremely competitive and that corporations are expanding their companies across the world. Now, more than ever, employers are looking for people that are competent in other languages who can help take their business to the next level on an international scale.

Whether you’re an executive doing business abroad or a person that wants to improve their job prospects, TSTN can help you break down the language barrier. Our team of language tutors is skilled in several different languages including French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and more. They can provide one-on-one tutoring as well as group sessions to ease the transition of working abroad and dealing with clients whose first language is not English.

Our language lessons will make it easier for you to communicate with work colleagues and business partners in other countries, thereby building a competitive advantage against your business rivals and enabling you to find new business opportunities.

With Canada already being such a multicultural country, learning a new language can only benefit your career and your business. Whether a corporation is conducting business overseas or trying to increase their market share within their own territory, employers are continuously looking for people with the ability to communicate in more than one language.

If you are interested in learning a new language and would like to participate in a group seminar or crash course, please visit and let us help you take your career and your business to the next level!