Want to be an entrepreneur? Enactus has the tool

Sometimes the best way to learn a concept is not by reading a book or memorizing a process but by actually getting your hands dirty, making mistakes and learning from them. Here at TSTN, we are not just about helping students learn theoretical concepts. We can also help provide hands-on experience to those looking to turn ideas into reality and start their own business.

Calling all aspiring entrepreneurs!

In order to be a successful entrepreneur you have to have the following:

  1. Have passion for what you are doing and ensure there is a need for it.
  2. Always find new ways to increase profits.
  3. Find a mentor that can help guide you in planning and operations.

entrepreneurIf you are still in school, you may still be figuring out what your passion is and one of the best ways that we at TSTN recommend getting entrepreneurial experience is participating in extra-curricular activities. One of the largest student groups on campus in Ontario focused on developing entrepreneurs is called ENACTUS (ENtrepreurial ACTion in US) which is a community of students and business leaders who impact the community on an international level through entrepreneurial action. Students are judged not just by the ideas they come up with but on what results have been generated from those ideas.

Within Canada alone, over 2,400 students participated in this program making over 348 entrepreneurial projects. As a result of these projects, over $6.5 million in economic activity was generated and the lives of over 56,000 individuals were impacted through these initiatives. ENACTUS is all about social entrepreneurship and in order to run successful projects, innovative ideas as well as entrepreneurial minds need to be developed.

For more information on how you can start your entrepreneurial adventure, please visit their website at www.enactus.ca with all the details.