Think TSTN Is Just for University Students? Think Again! Corporate Training, Crash Courses, & Seminars

Go Beyond Tutoring and Learn Something New From the Comfort of Your Own Home or Office.

Since I started writing this blog, I’ve mostly talked about how The Student Tutoring Network helps university students with their courses, so perhaps you’ve gotten the idea that we only help university students.  Not true!  We help students at all levels and have experience tutoring both elementary school students and high school students, but we don’t stop there.  In fact, many of our clients are not enrolled in any academic program and use our services just because they want to learn something new.  This is where TSTN goes beyond just plain tutoring and offers its services to clients who want to learn something from scratch.


Corporate Training, Crash Courses and Seminars in Your Home, Office, or Online

In the past, TSTN has mainly specialized in providing private, one-on-one tutoring to its clients, but since we introduced are new group sessions, we are much better suited to providing learning support to a wider audience.  Teaching groups of people is nothing new to our tutors, many of whom have had previous experience as teaching assistants in university or as teachers in other group settings in which they have had to deal with all the tasks associated with managing a classroom.  And it doesn’t matter where that “classroom” happens to be.  We will happily arrange for one of our tutors to teach a crash course or seminar in whatever you want to learn and wherever it’s convenient for you.  Perhaps you’re a small group of friends planning a trip to Spain and you want to learn a few key words and phrases in Spanish to help you get around.  Maybe you’re a business owner or manager looking for someone to teach the folks in your office about some new software, or someone to teach them a little Mandarin so that they can impress your new client from China.  Whatever the case, TSTN will do its utmost to ensure that you get the learning support that you need and deserve.  To begin arranging your group seminar or crash course, please visit our group sessions page at and start learning something new with your friends or work colleagues now!