In-Person Tutoring Sessions with the Best University Tutors in Toronto

When I was a full-time university student, I still lived with my parents and my siblings in the same city that I grew up in, so I had a lot of personal support from people who I’m close with.  But many of you university students studying in Toronto don’t have that advantage.  You may be far from home where you know very few people, or don’t know anyone at all.  If this sounds like your situation, then The Student Tutoring Network is here to help.  How, do you ask?  Okay, TSTN isn’t a social group, but we are experts in assisting tightly-wound university students with their studies, while at the same time giving them the opportunity to make new friends and forge new relationships through our in-person tutoring services.

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University Tutors in Toronto are often students just like you.

University Tutors in Toronto are often students just like you. If you need extra help in preparation for the upcoming exam period, visit . TSTN has University Tutors that work throughout Toronto, that are skilled in all fields.

If you are a student in the GTA you may well be searching for a University Tutor in Toronto that is reliable and knowledgeable. Which is probably how you came across this post in the first place. We want to introduce you to The Student Tutoring Network, TSTN and our University Tutors.

We asked “insert name” who tutors University Students in “insert subjects” *for the key words when there is a specific subject we want to cover I would suggest interviews or proven studying tools to focus on for example in math/ math tutoring

TSTN Tutoring is the Healthier, More Ethical Way to Excel in Your Studies

Under ever-growing pressure to succeed, there seems to be no limit to what some university students will do in order to cope with their studies.  And unfortunately, the ways that more and more students are choosing to get through school usually have negative and often severe consequences.  Cheating is usually the first thing that comes to mind since it is arguably as old as organized education itself, but it certainly isn’t the only thing that university students might do to get through their studies.  A more recent and disturbing trend is the growing abuse of prescription drugs as discussed by recent articles in The Globe and Mail:

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Exams Got You Stressed? Don’t Panic! Take a Deep Breath and Contact Us. We’re Here to Help.

A lot of students develop various forms of anxiety when dealing with tests and exams. Many of them feel so stressed before, during and after a test that the stress can really impact their scores.

When this happens, it is crucial for students to seek out extra HELP!! All students have the ability to improve their test scores in class, however a lot of hard work, preparation and practice is needed. Guidance from specialized tutors is the recipe for excellent results.

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One of the big problems with education is that its institutions often treat you like a number rather than a person. This is particularly true of universities. Almost as soon as your university gives you a student number, you’re queuing up for something, whether it’s to buy your overpriced textbooks or use a computer in the library. And when it’s time to go to class, it’s pretty much the same kind of story. Your classroom is more like an auditorium (sometimes it actually is), and it’s so crowded that you might be asking yourself whether you’re actually in school, or at the Air Canada Centre watching a Leafs game.

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Smart Students Use Tutors

I can remember that whenever I was having trouble in a certain course or subject, my mom would always want to get a tutor to help me.  I can also remember initially not being too thrilled about having a tutor.  I felt like needing a tutor meant that I was somehow inadequate.  But as usual, mother knows best, and in the end, I was always grateful that she made me get a tutor.

Yes, I used to cling to the old myth that only people who have problems learning use tutors.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

It’s the smart students who use tutors because they realize that they need help to get through their classes and care enough about their studies to go and seek it out.  Maybe when you were in elementary and high school, you also had parents like I did who insisted that you get help from a tutor whenever you were struggling to make the grade.  By the time you reach university, however, Mom and Dad can’t decide for you anymore.  Now you’re grown up and it’s time for you to be one of those smart students and take the initiative to get help from a qualified tutor if you’re struggling with your classes.

So if you’re reading this, congratulations, because being on this website demonstrates that you have already begun taking the initiative to find the qualified tutor that you’ve been looking for.  The Student Tutoring Network offers university tutors for a multitude of subjects.  Whether you’re looking for a math tutor, French tutor, or any other kind of tutor, TSTN is the place to go for all your tutoring needs.

Take a look at the list of Tutors to find someone that fits your needs today.

There Are No “Wrong” University Degrees

Recently, I read a news story about university students choosing the “wrong” degrees and not getting higher salaries as a result (see:  Unfortunately, this story presents a very narrow view about university education.  The CIBC, which authored the report, seems to imply that university should just be about choosing the degree that will get you the highest salary.  More and more, university students are being told to specialize in certain fields and learn certain skills because, as is often said, “that’s what employers are looking for.”  But why should university be just about learning what other people want you to learn?  What about what you want to learn?  Should we all base our decisions about our education based on society’s expectations?  The answer is definitely not.

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Distribution and Breadth Requirements? Don’t Sweat It! TSTN’s Got You Covered!

When you’re in university, you’ll find that you have much greater freedom of choice in what courses to take and what field(s) you want to specialize in.  But even in university, there’s someone at the top of the totem pole telling you that there are certain things you MUST learn.  Enter the distribution and breadth requirements.

For those of you who are new to the university experience, distribution and breadth requirements are what the big wigs at many universities use to encourage their students to be more well-rounded.  So don’t be surprised if you came into university wanting to study political science and suddenly find yourself in a botany course.  Like them or not, you will likely need to fulfill distribution and/or breadth requirements at your institution in order to obtain your degree.

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The State of The Mature Student

Typically mature students are over the age of 25 or older and are looking for a new career direction or an edge over their competitors. But a gap exists between some mature students and their younger peers due to much of the school’s activities and social events being mostly geared towards the younger crowd. We have some advice for mature students, to get the most out of their time both socially and academically.

1.  Get out there as much as you can

It’s been shown that the reason for nearly half of mature student dropouts is because they feel they’re not a part of the social environment other students enjoy. But it’s much easier to become involved than you think. While most of the first week activities may seem like nothing more than drinking games and keg parties, there’s also many lesser known networking events that feel much more welcoming, and will brighten anyone’s outlook on the school itself. Contact your program head a few weeks before you begin to see what’s in store for you.

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Job Search 101: Six Things You Should Think About

Ruthless rat race or healthy competition? Whichever way you look at it, finding a place in today’s job market can be pretty demanding. And jumping head first into the search after graduating university or college requires a certain level of readiness and drive. If you have the drive then you’re already halfway there, but we can help with the rest. Here’s our guide to get you through the ups and downs of today’s survival of the fittest:

1.  You have nothing to lose (except maybe a bit of your time)

The simple fact that you can only gain from doing interviews, applying for jobs and getting your name out there is a powerful realization that takes some people far too long to fully see for themselves. If you get the job – great! – if you don’t then, well, you really haven’t lost anything. Sure you may have spent a few hours doing research on the company + the interview, but you’ll have at least gained some more knowledge of your field and hopefully improved your interview skills.

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