About The Student Tutoring Network

The Student Tutoring Network had humble beginnings at founder Jason Shvili’s University of Toronto St. George campus, where he and a small group of diverse student tutors offered one-on-one services to anyone hoping to improve their grades.

Since then, TSTN has grown into a full network of tutors throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) who provide personalized tutoring services for students from all walks of life. We cater our tutoring sessions to meet where it is convenient for the student or students when setting up group tutoring sessions.

While TSTN may now have a much greater reach, the objectives have remained the same since its onset. TSTN’s first objective is to provide clients with exceptional tutoring services, and second, to enable qualified senior undergraduates, graduate students, recent graduates and Ph.D. candidates the opportunity to earn extra money towards their studies.

As time goes on, we hope to expand our services even further so that we may better serve you, the client.


Why choose TSTN?

Range ✓ TSTN knows no bounds. Many tutors and tutoring agencies only provide services to elementary or high school students in a limited number of subjects. At TSTN, we offer tutoring to all students from elementary school right on to university and college, with personalized services to suit each of their learning levels. Subjects like chemistry and physics, math and accounting, political theory and languages can often be a struggle to find help for, but with TSTN’s comprehensive services, no subject is out of the question.

Diversity ✓ Our network of tutors is as diverse as the subjects we cover. Representing many different countries, who are not only top-notch specialists in their fields, but are also multilingual. If English is not your first language, TSTN may be able to provide you with a tutor who can teach you in your own native tongue. Some of our tutors have several degrees and many of them are proud owners of multiple awards and scholarships, proving our right to sing their praises.

Quality ✓ Providing the best tutoring services possible in Toronto is our specialty, but we don’t stop there. As our name implies, most of our tutors are students, the vast majority of them graduate students and PhD candidates, and TSTN is dedicated to helping these students earn extra money towards their studies. In fact, when you choose a TSTN tutor, you will be happy to know that most of what you pay for our services will go directly to the tutor rather than the company. To get the full picture, please read the testimonials of some of our current and former tutors whose work with TSTN has helped them get by.

Accessibility ✓ When looking for a new tutor or tutoring agency, location is key. TSTN provides services throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). In many cases, our student tutors can come to your home, your university campus, or your workplace. They can also meet you at public libraries or any other locations suitable for studying. Doing our absolute best to suit your individual needs is always a top priority at TSTN